Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Why GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake Is Working for Many GNLD Customers

It is so important for you to know, in the next 18 years about 32 million Americans will be obese.  Many have died from being overweight and obesity, because they failed to stop their unhealthy habits of eating fast foods, eating too much sugar and not being physically active on a daily basis.  The GR2 Control® Meal Replacement Protein Shake is helping many people lose weight.   GNLD (Golden Neo Life Diamete International) created a weight loss system that is helping thousands of people lose weight and keep it off. 

According to jhsph.edu, by 2015, 75% of adults will be overweight; 41% will be obese, which is a statistic that did not exist years ago when it just about 11% of Americans in 1970. Statistics for child obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, according to CDC.  Why do you think this is?  It just does not have to do with the majority of Americans eating fast foods, but it how the food is now processed.  In this era, the foods we buy out of the grocery stores are made much different from years ago. This is why it is so very important for you to read the labels on packages of food and you will see how much sugar, salt and fat you are putting into your body, then you will discover it has not been good.  This problem has caused a demand for healthcare, because many people have cardiovascular disease, diabetes, breast cancer, prostate cancer and all other types of health related illnesses, all because they are overweight or obese. We suppose when the GNLD scientific advisory board saw how these statistics increased every decade, they created a solution to solve the problem, which is a weight loss system that has saved lives.   

Just think about all of the people we knew whom could still be here, but they did not know about this weight loss system that could have helped them avoid various health issues.  Many of our family and friends have died before their time, simply because they may not have made an effort to find a natural remedy, instead just taking their prescribed medications.   Of course, we do not discourage any of you from taking medication your doctor prescribes, however there are so many other ways to take better care of yourself and when it comes to weight loss, GNLD has created a possible solution.  We have heard actual testimonies of people whom have tried the GR2 Control® Meal Replacement, some of them were over 100 pounds.    Our customers did not stop there, but they also tried the  GR2 Control® Appetite Reducer, which makes you feel full while losing weight.  If you  have ever imagined eating much smaller portions of food, but have had trouble doing it, this is what the GR2 Control® Appetite Reducer is for.  As we told you in the beginning of this article, GNLD has a complete system that helps you lose weight and this is one of the main products that helps you shed pounds a bit faster than usual, along with taking the meal replacement.

There are many weight loss systems out on the market, but they do not work like our weight loss products, so the only way to believe us, is to put it to the test.   Of course, you have to be persistent in doing whatever you can to lose weight.   Along with proper exercise and eating the right foods, GNLD weight loss system will help you lose weight and keep it off.

Photo: GNLD
Source: jhsph.edu
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Source: CDC

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Thanks for visiting GNLD Longevity Health, your alternative to enjoying a healthy lifestyle

Thanks for visiting Ms. Carla Livingston's blog, GNLD Longevity Health.  GNLD stands for Golden Neo Life Diamete International, a company that has been around since 1958. GNLD was founded by Jerry Brassfield, a man with a big vision to help millions of people live happy and healthy lives.  GNLD offers you Nutritionals, Weight Loss, Herbals, Skin and Personal Care and Home care.  GNLD has quality health products that will not only help you live longer, but keep you healthy.  Why not see what we have that can make you feel good on a daily basis?

Too many people are dying of all kinds of diseases, there is no reason we cannot stop the cycle.  Just think about all of the people who were close to us in life who could still be here, if they had only had known about GNLD health products?   Ms. Livingston likes to call GNLD products 'God's miracle from heaven to prolong human life.'  Just because the doctors has diagnosed you with an illness does not mean you can try a remedy that may help you combat the disease.  GNLD health products are made with ultimate quality under a scientific advisory board.  Yes, GNLD International has a team of scientists and doctors whom have made it possible to put such great products on the market.  GNLD health products has allegedly helped many people reverse their diagnosed illnesses, although we do not promise any cures.  We have had previous alleged miraculous testimonies of people whom could have been blind with glaucoma, stricken with Alzheimer's, unable to walk and even dead, but GNLD health products made it possible for them to be in good health and yet alive.

Our latest product is Pro Vitality which gives you whole foods nutrition in four vitamin supplements. Pro Vitality gives you the advised nutrition you need on a daily basis.  We will keep you updated about that on a future article.   We encourage you to subscribe to stay updated on GNLD products.  God bless you all and again, welcome to Ms. Carla Livingston's blog, GNLD Longevity Health Products.